My Neighbour is too noisy! Homeowners Survival Guide

This is the most common problem I’ve been asked to resolve in my position as an elected Resident Association committee member. It can be clubbing music blasting at odd hours in the morning, excessive partying, excessive fireworks, etc. Point is, you have an infant baby that needs to sleep, or an elderly grandmother who just doesn’t want to be woken up at 2am by partying youths, it’s to a point where it’s intolerable. What do I do? 1. Approach the issue with next-door neighbou

Meaningful Wealth Management : Estate Planning With Purpose

A standard way of looking at a Will is it is about setting your affairs in order post death. The most basic format would be a dispensation of properties, monies in bank accounts, your Employment Provident Fund (EPF), company stocks, etc. It is a fairly standard document, which as long as your can clearly write your wishes down and have it stamped & witnessed, is generally valid unless contested by some of the beneficiaries. There are wider options available for the management